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WE WILL PAY for your hand-held electric frother worth R199.00!

Why would we be so generous?

We want your latte to be as DELICIOUSLY FROTHY as humanly possible so that you'll remember us during each and every mouthwatering sip—it's that simple!

Here's how to get this offer:

STEP 01. Add two or more packets to your cart below, mix and match or stick to just one flava, whatever floats your boat.
STEP 02. Click on the 'Add bundle to cart' button at the bottom of this screen.
STEP 03. Once you're in the cart, a pop-up will throw the offer out to you, make sure you grab it with both hands!

It's as simple as that!

HURRY, this offer is only available while there's still electric frothers in stock, or until 31st of January...whichever comes first.

So fill your bags below before you miss out!

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