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myMatchaTea is 100% organic and contains 70x more antioxidants than orange juice, 9 times more beta carotene than spinach and 15x more pure than regular green teas.

Detox, lose weight and feel great!

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Matcha Green Tea Benefits:

Matcha Green Tea provides some amazing health benefits. Such as:

Increase Your Body's Natural FAT BURNING Process by 20%

Helps you lose weight naturally. In fact, recent studies have shown that Matcha Green Tea can increase your body's natural fat burning process by 20% while increasing your energy levels by 5%.

"Yoga in a Cup"

Are you looking for the energy boost from caffeine without the crash? Matcha Tea makes this possible! It is so effective that some call our Matcha Tea "Yoga in a cup."

Lowers Risk of Heart Disease by 29%

The high concentration of Antioxidants only found in Matcha Tea, helps stop LDL or Bad cholesterol from hardening in your arteries.

Lowers Risk of Cancer around 30%

The high concentration of Antioxidants in Matcha also has some other uses. They protect against oxidative damage which is know to lead to cancer.

Matcha Tea Serving Size Recommendation

If you want to enjoy the benefits of Matcha Tea recommended above, we suggest having 1 to 3 servings of Matcha Green Tea daily.

*One serving of Matcha Tea is half a teaspoon.

Matcha Green Tea Side Effects

Matcha green tea has very few side effects because it is purely natural and organic. The only side effects that may occur are side effects associated with caffeine as Matcha Tea does contain caffeine naturally.


what are the benefits of Matcha Green Tea?

Mathca Tea Powder Contains 70 times more antioxidants than orange juice

Antioxidants have some amazing benefits. Antioxidants Benefits Include; Weight Loss, Increase in energy, lowers risk of heart disease, lowers risk of cancer and more.

Matcha Green Tea has 9 times more beta carotene than spinach

Beta-carotene is non-toxic and is turned into vitamin-A in the body depending on what the body requires. Due to this, beta-carotene has all the benefits of vitamin A including vision protection, increased immunity, skin health and antioxidant.

Matcha Green Tea Powder has 10 times more Antioxidants when compared to Normal Green Tea

Matcha Tea Powder is harvested from only young leaves. Before harvest, the crop is shaded for two weeks which increases the production of chlorophyll and l-theanine (an amino acid found in green tea that produces a feeling of calm, focused alertness).  After being steamed, dried powdered by hand you consume the entirety of the leaf unlike normal grean tea, ensuring you get all the nutrients the tea has to offer.

The Matcha Green Tea Story

What makes myMatcha.co.za so special, you ask?

myMatcha's green tea is an incredibly special tea.

Our Matcha tea is harvested and attentively hand picked from from the youngest leaves grown on organic tea farms on the lush Asian country sides.

Every single batch of Matcha is shaded for two weeks before harvesting which increases the Chlorophyll level which in turn ups the antioxidant levels too. The young leaves are carefully steamed and delicately ground into a fine Matcha Tea powder which is consumed entirely!

myMatcha is hygenicaly sealed in high quality airtight packaging.

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How to make Matcha Tea

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