Matcha Tea has 9x More beta carotene than spinach, but what is Beta Carotene?

Did you know that using beta-carotene is a safer way to supplement with vitamin-A?

Beta-carotene is turned into vitamin-A in the body

Beta-carotene is non-toxic and is turned into vitamin-A in the body depending on what the body requires, because of this beta-carotene has all the benefits of vitamin A including vision protection, increased immunity, skin health and antioxidant.

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Beta-carotene Works in Your eyes and skin to prevent Free Radical Damage

You may need beta-carotene if you have vision or eye concerns or if you suffer from night blindness. Beta-carotene is a great antioxidant that works in the eyes and skin to prevent free radical damage and the aging process. Some studies have shown that it can even protect protect against sunburns. It also protects DNA from free radical damage and can prevent more serious disease caused by damaged DNA.

How Does Beta Carotene Work?

Beta-carotene is pro vitamin-A meaning that the liver converts it to vitamin-A depending on the body's requirements. This is what makes taking beta-carotene safer than taking vitamin-A. We can take too much vitamin A however the body only makes the vitamin-A it needs from beta-carotene. Any beta-carotene that is not converts to vitamin A then acts as an antioxidant.

Antioxidants protect against free radical damage which can cause genetic damage cellular damage and is a large part of the aging process.

Beta Carotene is naturally in fruits and vegetables like carrots sweet potatoes and apricots eating brightly colored fruits and vegetable, however, Matcha Green tea is a much better and easier digestible source of Beta Carotene.

Doctors Recommend Beta-Carotene

Doctors practicing complementary medicine recommend taking beta-carotene for eye diseases related to aging. Take beta-carotene with other antioxidants and lutein for eye concerns or take it with vitamin C to boost immunity and to increase its antioxidant effects.

So remember beta-carotene is a non-toxic form of vitamin-A that you can use to treat eye problems to protect against sunburns and to boost immunity.

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