Blue Matcha Latte Recipe

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Blue Matcha Latte Recipe


If you're anything like me, you'll LOVE trying out new recipes with Blue myMatcha! My newest favorite pick is this Blue myMatcha latte!


  • 200ml of milk or creamer (Or you can use almond or coconut milk/cream)
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar, honey or sweetener. Try use a natural sweetener like monk fruit or stevia.
  • 100ml of hot water
  • 1 teaspoon of blue myMatcha powder. Grab it here with FREE shipping!
  • Whisk. We recommend using an electric whisk or blender.

Now let's jump right into how you can turn these ingredients in blue magic!

Step 01. Whisk the Blue myMatcha with 100ml of hot water

First, add 1 teaspoon of myMatcha Blue Tea powder into 100 ml of hot water. It might look a bit purple at this point, but once you add the milk it'll turn blue.

Next, pour the Blue Matcha mixture into a serving mug or cup.

Now, add some sugar or honey. If you would like to be healthier use natural sweeteners such as monk fruit or stevia.

Step 02. Warm up 200ml of milk and whisk

Warm 200ml of milk in a small bowl.

Once warm, whisk the milk until it get's nice and frothy. I highly recommend you use an electric whisk, it will make this process sooo much easier.

Step 03. Pour the frothed milk into the Blue myMatcha Mixture

Use a spoon to hold the froth into place while pouring the warm milk into the myMatcha Blue mix then stir. Remember to leave some space for the froth!

Now spoon out the froth and add it to the top of your latte. 

Step 04. Sprinkle some Blue myMatcha powder on top

For an added feature to your gorgeous Blue myMatcha latte, sprinkle some myMatcha Blue powder to make your latte to make it more Insta-worthy!

Step 5. Enjoy!

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Also, make sure you send in your videos and photos by tagging us on Instagram. Our Instagram handle is! 

NOTE: I'll send you 100g of myMatcha Blue straight to your door in 1-3 days with free shipping. Just click here to grab yours.


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