If You Can Boil Water, You can make this Delicious NO Bake Matcha Cheese Cake

Looking for an amazing Matcha Cheese Cake Recipe? Look no further. I found the most delicious Matcha Cheese Cake Recipe online that you can use right this minute. You don't even need to bake the cheese cake. It's simply quick and easy.


No Bake Matcha Cheese Cake Recipe

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    Step 01. Whip the Cream

    Use an electric mixer if you would like to make it easier. The consistency should be fairly hard. Once you're happy, make sure it's room temperature and smooth it out with a spatula to make it creamy just like in the image below.

    Step 02. Add the Cream Cheese and Sugar into the Whipped Cream

    First add the cream cheese into the cram, and mix them until they are blended together. Then add the sugar, and give it one final mix around.

    Step 03. Time to Make Matcha Paste

    Add one heaping spoon of Matcha Green Tea into a small mixing bowl, add some hot water and mix until smooth. The consistency should look similar to the image below.

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    If yours looks too thick, please add some more hot water to the mix.

    Step 04. Add Matcha Paste into your Cream Cheese Mixture

    Simply add your Matcha paste to your cream cheese mixture. Mix it until it's a even green colour.

    Step 05. Time to Crush Some Cookies

    Add some of your favourite cookies to a bowl. Crush them until they look similar to the cookies in the image below.

    Step 06. Put Cream Cheese Mixture into a Plastic Bag

    Once your mix is in the bag, cut the tip so that you can squeeze out the mix into a cup.

    *This step is optional. If you would like to scoop the mix into a cup with a spoon instead you can do so.

    Step 07. Put Everything Together

    First, put a layer of the crushed cookies at the bottom of the glass you are using to serve the cheesecake.

    Second, add the cream cheese Matcha mix until about half way.

    Third, you want to add some more cookies on top of the mix.

    Finish off by filling up the rest of the glass with the cream cheese mix. Then spinkle some Matcha Powder over the cheese cake to intensify the beautiful Matcha taste.

    Step 08. Enjoy Your Matcha Cheese Cake!

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