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Milky Matcha Green Tea Ice-Cream

Spring just arrived! And although we are not yet in summer, the days are getting longer and even more so, hot!

Here’s a new refreshing recipe that can be used all spring and summer long to keep you cool.

Matcha green tea ice cream!

Not only a beautiful and different color to ice cream but an amazing taste, quick and easy and best of all you won’t need a machine for this recipe!


Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream Recipe

Step 01. Add wet ingredients

In blender, add in the heavy cream and condensed milk.

Step 02. Add Matcha Green Tea

With a strainer, add in 2 tbs of Matcha Green Tea powder. Shake strainer enough to not get clumps of powder, this way you get most of the taste in the cream.

Step 03. Blend Away!

Turn on the blender on high and whip until soft peaks have been reached. Make sure all powder is absorbed into cream!

Step 04. Airtight Container

If possible, using an airtight container put the cream in it and tightens cover. A normal container can be used but wrap firmly in plastic wrap. (This will help to prevent any ice crystals from forming)

Step 05. Freeze Ice Cream

Freeze overnight. Keep ice cream stored in the back of the freezer where the temperature is the coldest and most consistent.

Step 06. Enjoy!

On the hottest time of the following day, take out your container and with an ice cream scooper; scoop out a perfect sphere of velvety ice cream into your favorite bowl!

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